It’s a somewhat universal unit used in hot rods and custom applications (i.e. no conversion necessary). The T56 Magnum 6-speed clocks in at 1.5” longer than the F-body type. As for the TR6060 in the 5th/6th gen Camaro and Gen 2-up CTS-V, each use a remote mounting setup. It’s on par with the Magnum XL.. "/>

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Get the T56 Magnum Shifter here! SIKKY Manufacturing T56 Magnum Relocation Short Throw Sh. 6600. Level 5 T56 SUPER Magnum XL. TICKshiftMagnum. $5,944.99. Be the first to leave a review. SKU: TICKL5MAGXL. Availability: 1-6 Gear Ratios..

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